Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Blog...

Today feels like one of those days when I must address my blog as though it were a person. If it were in fact human, it would be a man. And his name would be Jerry. I'm not incredibly fond of the name Jerry...but it really doesn't matter does it?

I started my day at noon. I had intended to wake up at nine-thirty and start it then, but alas, sleep was more alluring. And thus I was foiled. In fact, I have been sitting, standing, laying, and rolling around in the apartment for close to three hours and forty minutes, telling myself that I am going to the Kragen Auto Parts store to see if I can get a job.
If I had to draw a pie chart to show the contributing factors to my inactivity, it would be comprised of fifty percent sheer laziness and fifty percent fear of failure. I need a job and I know it. But the silly romantic in me keeps hoping that someone will kick down my door, take the hero stance and shout, "The workforce wants YOU!" And then rational me butts in and shatters my fantasies...but probably for the better.
It is a sad existence when "I know" so much, but am never able to act upon it.

Perhaps if I get out of this room any time in the near future I can go to the store, buy thumbtacks, snacks, and go find a job...maybe.


  1. Aren't you too young to be working anyway? How old are the Americans when they finish school? Here in SA, you'd need special permission to start working at your age. You’d also need a guardian to sign a contract on your behalf. You should be out getting stoned or wasted, stressing over the exam you never bothered to study for. Just a thought ;-)

  2. No. I finished a bit early because I started early. Having recently moved, alone, to Seattle, I need a job. I have no exams to stress over, don't like getting wasted, don't like getting stoned, but would most definitely like to have a job at this juncture in my life.